So, if you’re reading this I am sure you already know me… so I won’t bore you with all that! But, thank you for checking out my blog! Since I’m assuming you already know me, you know I am kind of Instagram obsessed, shop a little too much, and typically post all about those outfits on my ‘gram. What you might not know is how much I LOVE to write. As I finish up my Masters degree this spring, I was feeling a bit sad that my ‘creative outlet’ (if you can call writing papers on non-profit management creative lol) would be ending! So I decided to finally start a blog, aka a place for all my random thoughts!

Some things you can expect to see here (WARNING: it will be random-ness!)

  • Clothing/Shopping/Products I love
  • Books I am reading
  • Recipes/Healthy Eating #GlutenFreeLife 😉
  • Posts about my career/the field I work in
  • And, since it’s about to consume my life, I am sure there will be some wedding planning inspo/details making an appearance here as well!

Thanks for following along!