Birthday Cake

Well, it’s officially time for my quarter life crisis… I am 25!

I’m celebrating the only way I know how… CAKE. Being gluten free, I have been seriously deprived of birthday cakes the last few years (so sad).

I was so excited to find The Vegan Knife on Amazon… I bought one of her chocolate cake mixes right away. It was SO good. The Vegan Knife generously sent me one of their newer flavors, Birthday Cake, to review for my birthday!


First off, how cute is this packaging?! It reminds me of my childhood. Also- I’m convinced everything tastes better when the package is cute… (wine especially)!


I loved this cake flavor, it was so easy to make (just add milk, oil & vanilla!) and did not even taste gluten free! I was especially glad to see it didn’t require a stand mixer to make like many cake mixes.

And, LOOK how fluffy they are!! They actually rose up while baking, instead of coming out flat and sad like some GF cake mixes!


The birthday cake flavor paired perfectly with a lemon cream frosting. I am sure it would have been just as delish as a cake.. or with chocolate frosting!

Other flavors include chocolate, vanilla spice and cinnamon sugar donut mix.

If you’re gluten free, vegan… or just want to support an amazing small business check out The Vegan Knife here on Instagram and here on Amazon Prime.

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