Skincare Routine


All items are linked and can be viewed in more detail or purchased by clicking each photo.

Skin. Care. Honestly, one of my favorite topics. I love buying/trying new products, and LOVE finding a good routine even more.


This is my current skincare routine! I have been using this exact routine for about a year, and it has done wonders for my skin. I took out a lot of the harsh products I was using to ‘prevent breakouts’…. and realized my skin looked & felt better when I just let it be!

Recently I’ve been on a mission to find cleaner beauty products. Working for the American Cancer Society I am avid about my health and the scary places cancer-causing ingredients can hide… but my skin is something I never thought much about in that context! After researching some ingredients a couple of years ago, it got pretty scary seeing what kind of cancer-causing/just bad for you in general ingredients I was literally allowing to soak into my skin 2x a day!

Not all of these products are “clean”, but I would say about 80% of them are! Clean beauty can be so expensive, so I am just making an effort to find cleaner products one at a time as I use up current products!


  • Wash: I shower in the mornings (and have a clean face from washing the night before), so in the shower I use this gentle scrub. I never use this unless I have a make-up free face.

Product Image

  • Prevention: I am somewhat addicted to these…. lol. I know they are not the best for my skin, but they are now the only Salicylic acid product I use… so I justify it that way 😉 I give my skin a quick swipe with one pad after getting out of the shower.

  • Moisturizer: Next, I swipe on my favorite product, this Neutregna moisturizer! There is also a version that contains SPF, but it feels to heavy for my liking so I add in an SPF next…

  • Prime: Before putting on my makeup I use a primer (I switch to one with SPF to protect against the sun in the summer or whenever I will be outdoors) to prep my skin for foundation!



  • Wash: I use a more gentle cleanser at night than I do in the morning. I swear by this one! It is so gentle and takes off ALL my makeup (no need for gross-feeling eye makeup removers!) I am convinced that this face wash has transformed my skin.

Product Image

  • Prevention: Time for Noxzema pads again (I know, I know, you skincare gurus are all probably shaking your head at me because of how not-good these are for your skin!)

  • Brighten: One of my favorite steps, vitamin C serum! This serum is amazing for the price (only $20!!) and is made of all natural ingredients. I have seen a significant difference in the brightness of my skin tone since using this. Be sure to only use it at night, the vit. C can interact badly with the sun.

  • Moisturizer: Same moisturizer as the morning.

  • Under-Eye Care: I am always switching out my eye creams. Here are two very different ones I love:
      • Under-Eye Roller: I use this if my eyes are extra puffy/tired looking. It feels so good and I do see a difference in dark circles by the time I wake up!

    • Cream: I love this cream by Clinique when my eyes feel like they need a little extra moisture boost! This is also great as a spot treatment for other dry skin patches.



  • Favorite Face Masks:
    • Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Glow Boosting Sheet Mask, 1.08 Ounce” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Moisture Surge Sheet Mask
      • This mask is one of my favorites during the winter! I have NEVER seen results from a sheet mask- let’s face it, they’re just fun. But- this one made my skin so soft and glowing!
    • Clay Mask
      • Honestly, I SWEAR by this. It’s so affordable, lasts forever, and you see instant results. This is my go to when my skin is breaking out or just feels dull. 15 minutes with this guy on and you will feel like a new person. Not to mention its SO affordable.
    • Formula 10.0.6 Peel Mask
      • I only do this one before bed, because I find it to have a weird texture to put makeup on after. But, it’s great for a little extra brightening boost.
    • Under Eye Mask
      • My favorite after a stressful day, hours of crying during the bachelor, or for a little Sunday self care!

Feel free to reach out with any other skincare suggestions! I love trying new things!


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